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The Macqueripe, The Submarine & The Grave.

The title seems pretty far-fetched doesn’t it? Sort of like a story really, well here’s a story about reality, the reality of the beauty of one of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, attraction; Macqueripe Bay beach and it’s shocking history.



photo taken by: TheObserver

The beauty of an island often lie in its beaches.

Before you all get spooked! No! It’s not a haunted beach. In fact, here might be Trinidad most beautiful beach. I know it’s customary to start of with the history and then to the transformation but we’ll visit history last, because it’s probably the most interesting yet dangerously scary fact about this infamous beach. Adrenaline junkies! you’re in for a treat!

The Macqueripe

No it’s not a water pokemon! it’s actually the name of this beach! But there’s way more to this than just a plain ole’ beach. Other than the warm sand that brushes against the skin of your feet while you walk along the shoreline where the clear, tidal waves crashes or even taking a dip in the water and feeling relief from the usually lukewarm water let’s talk about how to reach this place.



photo taken by: TheObserver

In order to access the beach, there is a staircase beautifully built to compliment the nature of the environment it is situated in. With greenery all around and a pathway carved in the midst of it, this soul-soothing sight work wonders to the mind and put your very being in a state of nirvana. If you were in the middle of a meditation session and the instructor tells you close your eyes, imagine you’re in a place that brings you peace, a place where nature prevails, the trees are in full bloom and all different shades of green is emerging alongside you. There’s insects and animals among the greenery, a fully-grown blue land crab is going along with its business passing you, there’s laughter from visitors and the wind carries that sound to dance through the trees. The wooden hand rails of the staircase is moist from humid and the scenery blends in like a painted-picture. Every step you take, you breathe in fresh air, the oxygen goes through your respiratory system and you exhale all the negative feelings you’ve withheld. That, is by far, my favorite moments on this flight of stairs which took me to a breath taking sight.


photo taken by: TheObserver

I cannot begin to explain the sight you’re about to see when you’ve finally reached the beach. So here are some pictures of what was seen. The wooded, picket fence is used to structure a pathway for visitors of the beach, situated in the middle of the beach the nationals life guard booth where they execute their duties of protecting civilians. It looks like a painting doesn’t it? Yes, indeed it does.


photo taken by: TheObserver

Along the coast line, where the rocks barricades off the area, nationals were spotted fishing with their rods and even had tents! built whilst enjoying the pleasure provided by nature. Although the rocks maybe slippery and full of green moss, that didn’t stop these Trinidadians from enjoying to the full brink!


photo taken by: TheObserver


The landscape is enveloped by trees and land forming the ‘island-like’ look which is pretty cool since it is an island.

There’s also a zip-line ranging from across the shoreline area from one side to the other. There are adventure parks around; Five Islands Amusement Park, The Boardwalk, Crews Inn and The Retreat

Now here is a thrilling fact about this beach; The depth of the water increases as you go in. Funny right? Because it’s expected that the further you go, the deeper it gets, but I don’t mean like that. No, not baby depths. This beach was more man-made than nature-like as it was a base for submarines. Yup, bath at your own risk or do not go in further than a few baby steps, most nationals wore life jackets even though they were bathing at the shoreline.

Make sure you’re a good swimmer else you’ve got to take precautions! This was such a nerve-wrecking experience! Every step I took, I panicked because the depth increased vastly but the water felt so good and the waves were calm and controlled.

The Submarine

A little time-travel into the history of Trinidad and Tobago states that before this beach became a public attraction, between 1941-1972 the area was a U.S. submarine facility. You can actually research more about Macqueripe to get the stone-cold facts but that’s just the foundation of this place. I would have love to see an actual submarine displayed in the area to give a taste of its history but sadly none is there. Into depths of more history of this place, on the way to the Macqueripe, there are old, withering buildings on the roadside that’s being overgrown by vines and moss and a tomb noticeable from the roadside; The Grave of Amelia Tripp.

The Grave

Amelia Tripp born in 1856 and shut her eyes on 1879 is the daughter of of William Tucker (whom was the attorney of the Macqueripe at that time) and then became the wife of her father’s business partner; Edgar Tripp.

Edgar Tripp was the man who pioneer electrical lighting in Trinidad and Tobago.

Amelia Tripp died at the age of 23, during child birth in 1879. At that time, because she was a woman of ‘high status’ a tomb was bestowed upon her with a cross that contained inscription. Many people who have explored the buildings or visited the grave have claimed to see mysterious ‘ghost-like’ figures haunting the area. Well I didn’t take the risk to visit the decaying buildings or the grave, I was spooked!

Are you brave enough? I mean, really, Are you? I wasn’t!


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