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The secrets behind the 85FT Hanuman Murti in the Caribbean

A national in her traditional Indian wear known as a ‘Sari’ preparing for prayers at the 85ft Hanuman Statue in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago37825049_860156900838392_1338059265356595200_n

 Is religion a real thing?  Is loyalty a real thing?

While most of us will debate that topic, I’ve got to say in Trinidad and Tobago they’re some very beautiful and peaceful religious sites; this being a huge one. (LITERALLY). 

From observation, the statue of the God worshiped by the HINDU religion is ‘On-top’ of the temple however the temple is built around the statue.

The Yoga centre itself is filled with peace and serenity and has the ability to calm and clear the human mind. The energy that’s exerted from the atmosphere, the breeze that makes the trees whistle, the birds that hum in a place of absolute quietness and stillness can awaken your mind to exert positivity and awareness.  Everything about that place gives you bliss…….it’s literally a place you will enter and just sigh in relief.

Known as the, Dattatreya Yoga Center and Mandir in Carapachaima, in Trinidad and Tobago, this Hanuman murti is known to be the largest outside of India. Research states that it was constructed in 2003 and built in Dravidian style of architecture of South India.

If there is one thing that we want from a spouse, a friend, a family member or even our work is loyalty. Lord Hanuman is known to be  loyal  to his ‘master’ and friend Lord Ram. While reading the Ramayana, I’ve established that this God, whom moved a mountain to save one of his Lord has major features of what we look for in a person; protection, dedication, loyalty, strong-willed, determined and so much can go on to describe him NO WONDER HE GOT A 85FT MURTI.

Has anyone ever read the book named ‘Ramayana’ it’s a wonderful story where the bad guy got set on fire by an archer, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman had a big role to play in that, I really recommend that people should at least research it. As you can see from his statue Lord Hanuman does not have a normally constructed human face, in fact most Gods in the Hindu religion have very standing out features whether it is being blue(the Lord Shiva, I loved reading his origin) or even the cute Elephant structured face Lord Ganesha. 

For those who may not know, a Murti is  any form, embodiment or solid object, typically refers to an image, statue or idol of a deity or person in Indian culture.

While all this might be my view on things it still may be err, so feel free to educate me. 

Here are some internet pulled quotes of what he represents

Ravindranath, 2016- He is represented as a monkey because that is a symbolism for the always agitated human mind. Ramayana shows how the agitated mind can be transformed to conquer our kingdom within !!!

check out his article @

Also if anyone wishes to visit the centre please keep in mind that there is a strict dress code in effect; might I add, they seem pretty serious about it. (Well it is a temple)

  • No tight fitted clothes,
  • Nothing that leaves your bare and exposed,
  • wear loose clothing and cover up
  • I believe it’s a form of respect in their culture.
  • NO MEAT OR ALCOHOL allowed on their compound either. 

Whatever religion you are does not bar you from visiting as long as you dress appropriately and speak respectfully (well you are in their place of worship and presence of their God) 

This was just one of the many religious sites, I’ve visited.

Stay tune for more, trust me you should look forward to the Balinese styled home and the Cabin in the Woods places I’ve stayed at. 

Since I’m unable to share videos here feel free to get a better idea of where the observer have been through the YOUTUBE CHANNEL- 

There’s way more to come, but you should know.

Feel free to drop your suggestions whether you want more pictures, videos, or a bit explanation and information on places. 


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2 thoughts on “The secrets behind the 85FT Hanuman Murti in the Caribbean

  1. Temples always are so calm and peaceful and we also have to cover up and be respectful here on entering a temple …Thank you for following my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! it was a great experience for me!


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