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How I got 15% off @Salybia Nature Resort in the Caribbean


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Have you ever heard of the Caribbean? No, Scratch that. Have you ever heard about Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean? Well I have and I had the opportunity to explore the entire country (to my knowledge). One of the very first resorts I’ve visited after months of exploring the nature of the country and the beautiful warm (a bit cold at times but not ice-cold) beaches was @ Salybia Nature Resort & Spa.

Now I can talk about the scenic soul soothing sights or the cleanliness of the rooms or even the atmosphere itself but I think I want to focus on the deals they offer year round.

In Trinidad and Tobago a citizen of the country convinced me to stay here because of their reputation of hosting pool parties and because of the views.

Have you ever heard about turtle season in the Caribbean? Whilst this may be a world-wide thing, I’ve got to say in Trinidad and Tobago the turtle watching is such a extravagant thing, and because of these lovely creatures coming ashore to lay their eggs, I was able to get 15% off from my already ‘cost-effective’ price.

All you have to do is ask them about their offers which is available year-round; (In Trinidad and Tobago I’ve learnt that it is a multi-diverse country where everyone is welcomed, they celebrate occasions such as: Easter, Eid, Christmas and Divali) I’ve seen post on Salybia facebook page providing special packages for occasions and in Trinidad that’s like every day.

I do recommend visiting during the summer because then for sure you know you’ve gotten a taste of the country nationals and atmosphere.

I’ve also recently visited their page and notice they currently have a 10% discount offer,

If you’d like to know more about this place and of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, follow me on my adventure through both islands (Fun fact: It’s two different islands annexed to each other) It’s probably acknowledged as a 3rd world country (which is funny because it’s an island) but every place I’ve stayed at I got first class treatment.

See more@ TheObserver 01 on Youtube (

Visit: for more info on Salybia Nature resort (Coughhhh like their jucuzzi rooms)

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